My Journey to waterfall Cilengkrang

By | February 2, 2016

 It was a trip of stone genk :D(LOL) which is not unexpected, Sunday 31 January 2016, I stay home my friends in Cibiru that have been school in campus UIN Bandung, I was there to have a lot of friends because my high school friend, and we make a genk of stone to our genk name. because fission our mission remains the same, namely either to fellow human, humorous and uphold the values ​​to religious. in essence we are very close because it is always joking and doing silly things together. day last week I intend to jog morning at 6:30 am, along with Idris, ilham and adit. we often jog almost 2 weeks, I rarely play, because of the distance the buah batu town and cibiru town much what else if jammed it took an hour and it was exhausting. Sometimes I play there only to forget tasks campus, we are planning to break the record for the longest distance us, but that happens we run too much, actually more often the way of the run anyway. because time is still too early we decided to travel further afield, originally we were going to stone horses tourist attractions in Manglayang, cibiru. before reaching there we stopped in small shop to buy drinks and asking directions to the stone horse, the owner of the shop giving road directions to get there, but after a long time owner shop tells the history of travel rocks the horse, so we think it does not go there because it already knows the story haha
then Idris said, the distance to get to the waterfall Cilengkrang far not? mother said okay, we negotiate, want to go home or go to the waterfall Cilengkrang. ah while there’s still morning so we decided to just go to the waterfall.

 This before we go, we see only bring money to 50 thousand and tracksuits

 this is we when he got there

 Is not beautifull?

 It’s still not okay, because the way to the waterfall is still very long, and worse still there was no hint the path to the waterfall. waterfall Cilengkrang top of the mountain is located Manglayang

 We found a pair of lovers who are lost when Cilengkrang to the waterfall, so we decided to go along, even though we did not know the way LOL

 farther, we found a group of high school students who got lost as well, so we were invited. any group of them no one knows the way

 We also found another group of students who lost haha silly LOL

as this is an expression of our disappointment HAHA
Actually the way home more fun and exciting because the mobile phone the only one that we can not bring the dead so immortalized. when home we passed the shorter path according to local residents, and our roads are very very far away and the weather that day was very hot and sunny, we think will be up in a halfway house at 5 pm, fortunately the street we found a car lift open our successful Stop, we climbed car ride twice. and this is a silly jpurney of us, because we only intend to run in the morning. how could return until late HAHA probably about 20 KM there is our street. so that is my story and the gang stone.