What woman thinking about men?

By | January 26, 2016

Is really mad, may look silly, but what women think about men?
there is no reason why women think a guy that sucks, or fun.

1.Men always wrong
in this case if we experience a complicated or problematic relationship, whatever the cause for whatever reason, women do not want to be blamed. Therefore, women blame men. “dear, why do not you reply to a chat message me last night?” the guy replied “sorry dear I overslept” tuuut tuuut tuuut  ——– unanswered all day by the woman

2.Men it womanizer
when walking along, to malls, markets, parks, or some beautifull place to date. women will be very cautious and tend to embrace him from seeing other women more beautiful.

3.Men it sucks
woman in a relationship that is still relatively new, it would feel like to be with the man all day. but sometimes men like to disappear when the relationship is long enough, and getting bored, not as close as the first meeting.

4.Men is romantic
However, sometimes very romantic man, if he really loves her partner and will even apply for a woman with an amazing surprise unexpected by the woman.

I am here as a man, sometimes I feel otherwise she was a bitch, and easily jealous. However, love is coming from our own self, how bad the nature or the appearance of your partner, if you love each other, then that which is called true love

“Saya disini sebagai pria, terkadang saya merasa sebaliknya wanita itu menyebalkan, dan mudah cemburu. Tetapi, cinta itu datang dari diri kita masing-masing, seberapa buruknya sifat atau penampilan pasanganmu, jika kamu saling mencintai, maka itulah yang di namakan cinta sejati”–Lutfi