What make USA as A Great Super power nation?

By | January 27, 2016

We know that during the war the world, the mastery of the region in nearly every country that is holding the American and Russian. and it makes small countries with a population of very little apprehensive and opt for a coalition with the countries big and strong.
judging from the amount of the main tools 10000+ American defense system for the air force, wow, a small country against America will be destroyed if possible, not only in the defense sector and the power, America is very superior to the movie box office films that earn up to hundreds of millions of dollars per movie, was a remarkable achievement. and most of the American movie production is a graphic edit up to level 3 dimensions that can make eyes glaring up no idea if it is a movie.
In addition there is the state of the coolest is Las Vegas where the source of all perjuadian, luxury hotel, limo everywhere and even capitalize hundreds of dollars can come home with thousands of dollars more if we are good at gambling. The American economy is very advanced, in terms of human resources to the natural resources are developed up to the level of highly developed technology.

But I am proud to be Indonesian, Indonesia is no less powerful than America, and there are even predictions of the big countries will crumble like china by environmental threats and the English were divided, I just saw on youtube so the predictions of others.

And that makes me riveting is, Indonesia will be the top 10 economies most rapidly, yes rightfully so, look at the total population of Indonesia most 3rd, Indonesia began to see the potential of the great potential of human resources and discourse will seize shares freeport, Indonesia will be more advanced. although for now Indonesia still occupies the upper level of the most corrupt countries in the world, so hopefully the next administration will be populist and clean.