Stand Up Comedy

By | January 22, 2016

What is Stand Up Comedy?

Stand Up comedy is entertainment that delivered in a funny and emotional with a relaxed demeanor, not too tense so as to make the audience uncomfortable. stand up comedy, have many different with other comedians, like it was not a team but we just stand alone in front of audience. and tell something LOL and funny about friends,ourself,family, or something funny you found by road. a comedian who works as a stand up comedian commonly called komika(comica)
In indonesia Stand Up Comedy  is growing rapidly by raditya dika, the video of raditya dika uploaded on youtube makes people laugh and have a viewer very much. it makes the Indonesian television station named KompasTV make a tv show called Stand Up Comedy Indonesia for the first time in 2012.

Stand Up Comedy, usually performed for 5-7 minutes per section, or up to 12 minutes for entertainment. Stand up comedy is not arbitrary, might fail to make people laugh or Indonesia said NGEBOOM, and if we succeed to make people laugh called SPLITS, so before we perform in cafes or at an event, we had to write a lot of material and exercises every time and fitting practice time according to the duration of a given.

P.S.laugh before laughing pay