Jakarta Counter Attack

By | January 26, 2016

This is really crazy, January 14 incident yesterday was very scandalous at all. At that time I was in college classes and my friend is looking pictures after the bombing are still very clearly has not been censored, it really spooky. and when I come home, the news appeared everywhere, from the statement isis, isis claimed that this attack was of them.

Had informed that this attack is a series of 14 December attack in paris and in Indonesia it self Bahrun naim as the chief.from his blogs, Bahrun naim arguments that learn how perpetrators of the attack on the French capital plan, set goals, determine the time, coordinate, and prepare mental.Now his blogs has been deleted or blocked.
From it a lot of articles that appeared, from the police handsome, up to the present terrorist really wear adidas shoes. Ha ha

polisi gantengnya nih.

I was weird, because in the group line(social media) class and line group other communities, many of them became a reporter impromptu, which makes me laugh Haha what they are doing anyway, and some say the conspiracy behind this is the Freeport mine that will sell shares to Indonesia already reaches a specified time limit, and on that day all the news there is nothing to discuss Freeport! Epic!

Polisis lelah dan mengantri pizza! Haha
This is an amateur video, silahkan dilihat :